If I cannot give my son/daughter a ride there or back, how can they be a part of the program?

TOP offers bus passes and bus schedules and we will do our best to accommodate to your child’s needs. Being in attendance for a TOP session is very important to us, so we will make every effort we can to make sure your child can come and go to our sessions.

What kind of food will you be feeding my son/daughter?

We will be catering food for the children from a local business that offers many healthy selections and a variety of food for the children to eat.

When can my son/daughter be a peer leader?

When he/she turns 14 years of age and has demonstrated qualities to us that show us he/she is ready for the position. Being a peer leader means also being the face of TOP, so it is important for the potential peer leader to regularly attend TOP sessions so he/she can have all the information he/she needs to be the best peer leader he/she can be.

When can my son/daughter register to be a participate?

When he/she turns 11 years of age. TOP is a good program for those who are looking for after school activates, so if you’re looking to fill up your family schedule, TOP is educational and fun, but the topics we discuss might be best suited for children in middle school and up.

Do you plan events?

Yes. We are taking a trip to DC in the summer and are looking to plan more college visits in the future. We also plan tailgates to draw awareness towards a cause and we all team up, peers and educators, to find other events to participate in.

What will my son/daughter be doing as a peer leader?

Assisting in setting up CSLs and TOP sessions as well as work in the community with other youth.