Not sure if the TOP program is for your child? Here are some parents and their opinions on their child's development within the program. 



"I believe TOP has helped my daughter Breiale by introducing her to new programs geared towards her age group. Also she has met a few new friends by being a part of the TOP program as well.  I personally like how well informed i am as a parent about events that are taking place. Breiale really enjoys TOP. She reminds me every Monday since basketball and volleyball ended that she has TOP. Thank you!"

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Adamma, Parent

"Willie has come out of his shell so much since he started this program. He was very shy and didn't interact with others to much, now he can't wait to get to the program. He cannot wait to become a peer leader now!"



"My name is Dariel Whatley and my son is Amillian Butler. Since being in the TOP program it's has helped my son tremendously.  He always kept to himself and was always afraid to be around other kids. Now he opens up more. He interacts with other kids. His self-esteem is up and he expresses himself more. I'm glad he is around other kids his age. I'm truly blessed that he attends this program."